Catching up

Well, it’s been too long since I have blogged about my photo challenges. I really haven’t been doing any official challenges. My week 3 of my 52 week challenge, I needed to buy a polarizer filter to participate.  My funds and transportation still have not allowed me to get one. So I just had to postpone on that challenge for now.

I did have a chance before spring break to photograph some cute kids playing dress up at a friend’s house together. I was happy they all actually wanted to pose for me.


Ah, childhood at its finest. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by. I have more photo shoots scheduled and some other fun things to catch up on so I’ll be back soon.

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52 Week Photo Challenge-Week 2 “Giving up the Bird”

Week 2-Giving up the Bird

This challenge proved to be well…..challenging. Giving up the bird referencing, when others are focusing on taking an image of the bird itself, look around at other graphic elements that still may be able to portray the bird. I really didn’t know where to start. For the first time, I really went into a photo challenge blind. Almost at times just grasping for pictures but not really getting it.

It rained earlier in the week and I played with some of the reflections I found. I went for a walk to try and see if I could play with some of the reflections in the puddles of water left behind.

This is a lame attempt at “giving up the hoop” but it just wasn’t executed well. It’s just boring to me. Maybe because I can’t really see the hoop reflection very well. Cropping in though didn’t show enough of the court to tell the story. oh well. Keep trying.

This next one was a little flat and boring when I first shot it, but a quick shift of my white balance, bumped up both my contrast and saturation in camera and I really liked this shot.

This next shot I did the same thing but shifted my white balance back for the less extreme color. I like how abstract this one looks and how much texture it has.

Then suddenly I think I understood more of the assignment. It’s not just about “giving up the bird” but looking at the things around us in a different perspective. Take the focal point down to its most minimal graphic elements while still being able to be identifiable. As a graphic designer, how could I not have understood this sooner?

Like this image of the swing set. I can still tell its a set of swings but I focused on the directional lines of the blue poles and its graphic elements only. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think I get it and actually learned something again in this weeks photo challenge. Thank you IFLC! 🙂

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Feb Photo Challenge-Day 25 Green #febphotoaday

February Photo Challenge

Day 25-Green

A nice large patch of green clover growing in the grass. Can you see the four-leaf clover? neither. Very pretty though and just in time for St. Patrick’s Day coming soon. 🙂

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Feb Photo Challenge-Day 24 Inside your Bathroom Cabinet #febphotoaday

February Photo Challenge

Day 24-Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet

Really? Now who wants to see the inside of my cabinet?

This bottle of perfume was in my bathroom cabinet, where it resides, until I took it on a trip to my neighborhood canyon trails. It was an attempt to make it look more interesting and I like the way it turned out.  My husband said upon seeing it, “Way to think outside the cabinet, honey” 🙂

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Feb Photo Challenge-Day 23 Your Shoes #febphotoaday

February Photo Challenge

Day 23-Your Shoes

My daughter’s princess shoes are more interesting than mine.

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Feb Photo Challenge-Day 22 Where You Work #febphotoaday

February Photo Challenge

Day 22-Where You Work

Right now, this is where you will find me mostly working. It is a table/desk we use, for homework, crafts, games, computer, or just about anything. At least I have a window view right? lol

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Feb Photo Challenge-Day 21 A Fave Photo of You #febphotoaday

February Photo Challenge

Day 21-A Fave Photo of You

This moment caught on film is another reason why I love photography so much. The scene that day in the studio did not look or sound like this. 🙂 My daughter was only a few months old in this photo. We attempted to catch a nice studio portrait but she was crying…..well screaming. I wasn’t even supposed to be in the picture. But this is a moment between shots where I held her and ssssshhhhh gently into her ear, (like mommy’s do). And she stopped crying for this brief second. The photographer knew to shoot. Without the photographer’s instinct to capture that moment I would not have this beautiful photo.

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